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Mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. In mediation, both parties work together with a neutral to jointly craft a mutually beneficial transition plan. Mr. O'Connor has mediated countless marital disputes, both privately and as a mediator for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Parties to mediation enjoy many benefits over litigation, including reduced costs, increased privacy, less stress and anxiety, and the ability to control the outcome of their case. Mr. O'Connor would be happy to assess whether your individual case is a good candidate for mediation.

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    Dissolution of Marriage
    A dissolution of marriage, commonly referred to as a “divorce”, is a legal process in which...
  • 2
    Legal Separation
    This type of proceeding is nearly identical to a dissolution of marriage, except that...
  • 3
    Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements
    Often times, parties contemplating marriage wish to clearly define their rights concerning assets...
  • 4
    Paternity Cases
    A paternity case is a proceeding in which the legal parent of a minor child is determined...
  • 5
    Post Judgment Modification of Support and/or Custody Orders
    There are certain times that a party may need to modify an order for child support, spousal support, or...
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    Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution method in which the parties work with...
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    Mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. In mediation, both parties work together...

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Colin O'Connor and his family have generations of experience helping clients in Redondo Beach & Torrance in all areas of family law including California divorce, child custody, spousal support and mediation divorce. Come visit one of the most trusted family attorneys in the South Bay or call us at 310-378-1242.